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About Us:

Get My Gifts is a limited company run from our home in Preston by myself (Charlie) and my partner, Sami. After a few too many drinks, we booked a holiday to Spain and came across these electric scooters. They were on every street corner to hire and we fell in love. The moment we returned to the UK, we searched high and low for our own decent electric scooters, but they were ludicrously priced! After much searching, we found a supplier from Germany with quality products at a reasonable price. As soon as we purchased them, our friends and family wanted to buy them from us and our business has snowballed from there! You can now buy them from us here! We are dedicated to simply spreading the joy we feel when we get a great gift that didn’t break the bank.

How we work:

The way we work is quite simple: we observe trends and fashions and listen to our customers about the items they really want. Then we research for hours for a supplier, test the quality and delivery times. If we’re really honest, it means that we have a play with the products we buy, and if we love them, we sell them.

We only sell items we’ve tried and items that we think are a proper bargain.

If we don’t love it, we don’t sell it.

It may look a little bare at times, but that’s because we only sell the most-coveted present items. This is your first stop for getting that extra special present that always seems impossible to get hold of for a reasonable price.

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